Razer Viper Design

Razer Viper Design

Tomboythemovie –┬áRazer, what player has not heard of this edge mark yet? There is something special about a brand with a familiar logo like three snakes moving in three different directions, complete with green that grows into an inseparable icon. Anything else? Razer not only played in the fringe market, but also had time to produce several other products, all of which were focused on games, from tablets to laptops. It is not surprising that many then associate the Razer name with a super complex product offered at a fairly high price. But believe it or not, Razer’s design philosophy seems to be rooted in function and convenience that are no less important. As presented by their latest gaming mouse – Razer Viper.

Design and features

With a super simple design that is not too flashy, this is probably the first impression you get when you see the Razer Viper shape for the first time. Unlike many Razer products that look “crazy” for design, the Viper returns to the roots of a gaming mouse. In the end, it really depends on the features and convenience that a game mouse is worthy of being looked at and pursued.

So what you get from the Viper is a “no-nonsense” mouse. With black dominating the entire body, the cosmetic side you encounter is just a bright logo that illuminates the back, of which you can naturally adjust the color and character with software. Razer decided not to inject the tiny bit of extra RGB LEDs into the other part of the Viper, which of course is a decision that is likely to split the community in half. Some consider it something appropriate to emphasize the message of simplicity, but we will also really understand it if someone regards it as a missed cosmetic potential. In addition, it should not be difficult to add extra LEDs to the scroll wheel, which is a ‘practice’ for many game mice today.

To help with a more comfortable grip, both sides of the Viper are embedded in rubber for a firmer, stronger and sweat-free grip. On the left, it also offers two extra return buttons; their features can be customized with the available software. With a size that is not too big, the Viper should feel comfortable in all types of gamer hands.

In the middle of the mouse, it comes without a button to adjust the sensitivity like most game mice. Razer actually decided to place this button on the bottom of the mouse. The advantage? Those of you who press the left-click button intensely while playing will not accidentally press the center button. The disadvantages? For those of you who would like to change your sensitivity, surely you should turn your mouse and press this little button, take a fraction of your time, especially in an exciting game session. Razer Viper also offers an extra long cable that is of course ready to adapt to the location of your computer without any problems.

Razer Viper, how comfortable?

With the design and features it offers, it seems like you can predict the experience of using the Razer Viper. Though most of the features and specifications it offers like gimmick technology and marketing sound too strong, it feels special to use this game mouse. At the very least, it performs the functions it will promise of optimum quality, including the use of the Razer optical switch on the left and right sides that provide fun and comfortable feedback at the same time. That for every click you make and feel, there is a sense of confidence that the assignment you are throwing will be properly translated.

One of the features of the driversrazer, of course, lies in the extensive design it carries. This means that it is one of the few alternative game mice that left-wing gamers can look at that makes their left hand a mainstay to control this peripheral navigation. With an even shape on both sides, the Razer Viper can be used as much as possible by right- and left-handed players. One thing you may need to get used to is the placement of the side buttons that are still built on the layout of the right-hand thumb. A compromise that can be rationalized when the referees are taken into account is still the biggest target market.